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The greatest Network of Canada Brand ambassadors.

CreativeCanadians™ brings together dedicated individuals who are doing everything they can to promote and support the Canada Brand in their activities.

You can become a member of the CreativeCanadians™network if you are passionate about Canada Brand and is ready and willing to promote Canada as a country of leadership, innovation and creativity.

What are the benefits of being an ambassador?

  • Receive updates on Canada Brand achievements
  • Have the chance to extend their network of contacts in Canada and around the world
  • Gain access to business opportunities at home and abroad
  • Enjoy exclusive networking activities
  • Get access to resources created for Network members

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Industrial Problem Solving Workshops

”Provide Canadian industry with new ideas and approaches to solve current problems”.

The aim of these workshops are to create a mutually beneficial link between researchers in industry and companies. Research workers with industrial and commercial concerns are invited to present one of their solution of an identified industrial problem. Continue reading

Enhancing Business Environment

While interacting with investors and promoting investments, we provide feedback to ensure that infrastructure and public services remain efficient and cost-competitive. This ensures that Canada maintains a premier pro-business environment.

Growing Industry Verticals

While Canada commands global leadership in many areas, we focus on expanding and extending existing industry verticals. Exploring new growth areas will contribute towards creating good jobs and sustaining competitiveness.

Attracting Investments

We provide strategies and tactics which facilitates and supports local and foreign investors in both manufacturing and services sectors, as they move up the value chain to achieve higher sustainable returns and seek out new business opportunities.

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