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Defining Canada Brand’s Identity

The purpose of this research is to define how Canada seeks to identify itself and how, through a strong brand identity, Canada wants to be perceived in the world in order to ensure its economic competitiveness and help companies in their overseas business development projects.

Through this major research, Expansion Canada wants to contribute to the Canada Brand identity definition : vision statement, mission statement, essence, personality and value proposition.

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Canada Brand Centers

One of the ways to reach our members in certain areas is to have or create Local Chapters : Canada Brand Centers. The Local Chapter is represented by a president, this person represents his region. Local Chapters encourage Expansion Canada Membership in their region and support communication between the members and the Expansion Canada Head Office. Creating a local chapter offers a number of benefits as Expansion Canada supports training and education of the local chapter members. In this way, opportunities are created to connect and to share experiences.

Creating a Local Chapter in your region includes a number of benefits:

  • A short course or workshop by a lecturer once every year
  • Event support
  • Publishing opportunities
  • Website exposure
  • Promotion of Local Chapter activities by Expansion Canada
  • Promote Expansion Canada among your region and country.

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